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SUBJECT:Re: Microsoft VR kan det vara något? Ingår datorn på bilden i 39
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DATE:2017-05-19 13:54

Vissa saker med den verkar bättre än andra lösningar... Varför kan de då inte göra en dator som är liten nog att få plats med i headsetet?

Anonymous wrote Re: Microsoft VR kan det vara något? Ingår datorn på bilden i 399 do at 2017-05-18 21:23
> Microsoft VR kan det vara något?
> Ingår datorn på bilden i 399 dollars priset?
> "Acer will ship a $399 VR headset with full motion trackers this
> holiday season
> 14
> by Adi Robertson@thedextriarchy May 11, 2017, 1:10pm EDT
> Acer will release a Windows Mixed Reality VR headset with Microsoft’s
> new motion controllers for $399 during the holiday season, and it may
> not be the only company to do so. Microsoft announced the news when it
> unveiled the controllers at today’s Build keynote. While Acer is the
> only company named so far, Microsoft says multiple partners may be
> selling these controllers at retail during the same time frame.
> Acer is one of several manufacturers working with Microsoft on Windows
> Mixed Reality (formerly Windows Holographic) devices. It showed off an
> early version of its headset at CES, and a development kit without the
> controller will sell for $299 this summer, with preorders opening
> today. Like other Mixed Reality headsets, it uses built-in cameras to
> track users’ motions, instead of external sensors, and is tethered to
> a Windows 10 PC. This, along with its low price, could make it a more
> convenient option for people who aren’t interested in the often
> intensive setups that desktop VR currently requires."
> These are Microsoft’s new VR motion controllers
> 8
> by Adi Robertson@thedextriarchy May 11, 2017, 1:06pm EDT
> Microsoft has announced a new set of motion controllers for its
> Windows Mixed Reality VR headsets. The controllers will be fully
> tracked by sensors in the headset, instead of by external cameras or
> markers. They’re supposed to go on sale this holiday season, with Acer
> selling a $399 headset bundle that includes them.
> Windows Mixed Reality controllers look similar to those of the Oculus
> Rift and HTC Vive. There’s a ring of LEDs at one end for tracking,
> then a panel with a round trackpad, analog stick, and menu button. On
> the body, there’s a Windows button and a side grip trigger. Unlike the
> Vive, where the tracking rings are laid flat like cupholders,
> Microsoft’s controllers have a vertically placed ring. It makes sense
> for something that’s tracked by sensors on your face, instead of
> towers placed around a room.
> This is one of the first controller designs we’ve seen that’s based on
> inside-out tracking. It’s part of Microsoft’s plan for virtual and
> augmented reality systems that can be set up anywhere, without the
> need for dedicated “VR rooms.”

Microsoft VR kan det vara något? Ingår datorn på bilden i 399 do Anonymous 397 days ago
   Re: Microsoft VR kan det vara något? Ingår datorn på bilden i 39 Anonymous 396 days ago

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