The Buyer's Guide is a site where you can find your computer accessories at the right place and price.

It also contains a large forum available for discussions of all sort of topics even though what's on-topic is computer related subjects.


In the summer of 2002, the idea came up to create a second version of The Buyer's Guide (TBG). At the time, TBG was a fairly well-known price-agent, which basically gathered price information from different Swedish on-line computer retailers and thereby helping consumers to find the best price for a specific product.

The creator of the original site, Mr. Anders Arpteg, was increasingly engaged in other projects and as a result less and less work was put into TBG. This was especially noticeable in the Tracker part of the site, which was no longer updated on a regular basis. Also, the increasing amount of spam in the forums had become a problem since it affected the overall level of the discussions.

A first version of TBGv2 became ready for testing during the autumn the same year. When TBGv1 went offline 3rd october 2002 the development of TBGv2 accelerated and the first reply to the database occured in the morning of 26th november 2002.

Since then TBGv2 has been alive and available at http://www.tbg.nu


"Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself." - is a famous quote made by Morpheus in The Matrix. The same applies for the future of TBG. TBG will exist as long as there are users who will keep TBG alive. Since TBG is maintained on hobby-basis it might take "one week or two" to implement new features. The goal however is to keep TBG available at all time.

During 2007 new hardware will be bought mainly because current hardware is getting end of life.


TBG is built using Perl 5.8.x with MySQL 4.x for database storage and is made available through Apache 2.x along with mod_perl 2.x. Mod_deflate is being used in order to optimize network traffic so that visitors who do not have fast internet connections can still load the pages of TBG fairly fast.

The TBG-server is a dual P2 333MHz (Dell Workstation 400) with 512MB EDO (60ns) RAM. The harddrive is a Seagate Barracuda V set in APM Silent mode.

A picture of the system can be found at http://www.tbg.nu/pics/tbgserver2.png


Following methods of contact is available where email is the preferred one:

ICQ: 144584926
IRC: #bugsoft(efnet)
Email: apachez@gmail.com

Webmaster: Apachez